Before and After Photos UPDATE

Before and After photos show the destruction done to the 25 acre Table Top property.
Now almost a year later !!!

The landscape and nature is adjusted to the development plans.

A much more environment friendly and sustainable approach would have been … to adjust the development plan and work with the existing landscape plus incorporate the homes and hotel into the natural setting !!

This is a irreparable damage to our nature and our environment !!!




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Trees removed from Public Park

More than 22 healthy trees have been removed from Peachland’s MacKinnon Park on October 16th. A public wilderness and doggy park mentioned on the official Peachland website.

Tree removal from a developer, to create a “nicer” entrance, OUTSIDE his own property in a public park.

There was no public hearing neither has the public been informed or asked.

photos before and after they removal

A lot of positive response

Because of the Newspaper article from Editor Steve MacNaull  from August 22nd, 2009 we got a lot of positive response and comments by phone and email.

Here are some comments we got …

As a Peachland taxpayer I am horrified about this development that will only detract from Peachland

One should not allow unchecked growth if the roads don’t have the capacity to handle the increased traffic or our limited fresh water resources. But our planners and politicians are too busy cramming as many people into this valley as possible.

Trepanier doesn’t have the water supply for this monstrosity

Stop the mountain tops, ridges, eyeline views and wonderful scenery from being ruined by greed and desire for profit

A huge hotel to be built in the woods. Where is all the water coming from? I’m a 33 year resident of Peachland and I CARE!

I have seen what over-development has done here in the US. It has turned beautiful countryside into condo buildings and streets with traffic and noise for miles, and for nothing but shopping and eating. Some things are better left to be enjoyed the way they are

The message to developers should be: “Our quality of life is not for sale!

Once nature is destroyed it will never come back.

The development is monstrous, and will destroy our rural lifestyle, harm the eco-system, waste water and overload our roads

It is travesty to use land in a way like this. We do not need this many resorts. We all know that these developments are about making money for a few not about building healthy communities which are a joy to all their residents. Protect at least some degree these invaluable places

In my opinion it has destroyed delicate relationship between residents, wildlife and the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings on Table Top Mountain

It is the unwanted over-development and overpopulation that is forcing our beautiful wildlife out of their territory

Scars on the hill sides, visible for hundreds of years.

Especially the front and the very narrow middle section of Table-Top Mountain appear completely unsuitable for any development of this magnitude. It wrecked the local ecological environment and open the door for significant soil erosion now and in the future

Your blog site is very much appreciated

We fight the clear-cutting here in NS. Please preserve the beautiful environment in the Okanagan.

Thanks for all your support

Beware of smooth talking developers

Peachland View Newspaper Article from July 31st, 2009

Beautiful Peachland.

You have a jewel here in Peachland. Don’t lose it for a few fast bucks.

A little bit of heaven on earth, but alas, along came the developers. Oh, here’s a nice place; let’s change it.

We will do this and we’ll do that, we’ll put in “high-end” hotels, million dollar cottages, blah blah blah.

I have just come from a presentation put on at our lovely pavilion and now find out the developer wants to change our waterfront.

High-end moorage for big fancy boats, symphony concerts in the park … when has any symphony come to Peachland to put on a free concert?

Not since the pavilion was built, that’s for sure. As one gets older, you have to have a place to retreat.

Beware Peachlanders of smooth talking developers.

Joan Robinson, Peachland

Few remaining trees have been crippled

The few remaining trees at the Trepanier Manor Development have been OVER pruned and too many branches have been removed. (see photos)

This has noting to do with fire-mitigation. Responsible thinning, pruning and cleaning of natural areas around the wildland/urban interface makes sense BUT those trees don’t look like healthy trees anymore, they are crippled !! 8 to 12 meter high branch removal makes no sense at all.

The other untouched trees visible in the background don’t belong to the Trepanier Manor property.

It is sad – but again, it is just for the view.

Cutting trees OUTSIDE the Trepanier Manor property

The Concerned Citizens Coalition is shocked about the cutting of trees OUTSIDE the Trepanier Manor property.

The contractor has cut down healthy and large Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine trees starting May 25th. The trees are NOT located on the Trepanier Manor property, they are within the District of Peachland Boundary on Crown Land. Branches and log pieces have been loaded on a large trailer and they were immediately removed – as if they want to hide the evidence.

More than 100 trees were red tape marked and have been cut  OUTSIDE the Trepanier Manor property!!!
It is not for fire protection – they are located close to several planned homes and the west side of the hotel should be build – it is just for the view.
If they have concerns against fire – why was it allowed to build so close to the property line (ZERO meter set back on the west side of the property). And they are not Pine Beetle invested (see photos).

Enough is enough. The Trepanier Manor Development has already done an irreparable and unjustifiable damage.

Almost 100 trees have now been removed OUTSIDE the Trepanier Manor Property !!

No Privacy

Since June 2009, the Trepanier Manor Development has now dozens of signs “Warning, Surveillance Cameras in Operation”

Home buyers, hotel guests, visitors and employees …. it seems you have NO PRIVACY

Certain provinces, namely, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland have “privacy acts” against surveillance cameras in public places !!!


Excessive Excavation

How to remove over 64 000 cubic meter of material from TableTop Mountain in 2 month ?

Easy, with 2 Excavators, a Stone Crusher and thousands of dump truck loads …

That generates dust, noise, vibration, pollute our air with diesel exhaust and will contribute to soil erosion.

That is excessive and NOT appropriate for an Environment Sensitive Area and within the municipality of Peachland … IT IS unjustifiable destruction !!

Trepanier Manor Development Earth Removal

Damage to Law Creek within Riparian Area

The damage done to Law Creek and the Riparian Area is very sad.

Extensive tree and vegetation removal plus the fire damage (they burned wood and branches on large piles on several places) have contributed to the devastating appearance – and all this within the ‘protected’ Riparian Area !!!

Ministry of Environment argues that there is no impact to water courses.  Ash and debris could be flushed into Trepanier Creek, a Fish Bearing Stream and a main drinking water source of Peachland.