Trees removed from Public Park

More than 22 healthy trees have been removed from Peachland’s MacKinnon Park on October 16th. A public wilderness and doggy park mentioned on the official Peachland website.

Tree removal from a developer, to create a “nicer” entrance, OUTSIDE his own property in a public park.

There was no public hearing neither has the public been informed or asked.

photos before and after they removal

Few remaining trees have been crippled

The few remaining trees at the Trepanier Manor Development have been OVER pruned and too many branches have been removed. (see photos)

This has noting to do with fire-mitigation. Responsible thinning, pruning and cleaning of natural areas around the wildland/urban interface makes sense BUT those trees don’t look like healthy trees anymore, they are crippled !! 8 to 12 meter high branch removal makes no sense at all.

The other untouched trees visible in the background don’t belong to the Trepanier Manor property.

It is sad – but again, it is just for the view.

Did you know: The Value of trees

The Okanagan Saturday Newspaper from June 20th had a very interesting article “Trees are our most valuable antiques” from Ron Candy, director Vernon Museum.

The urban forest provides benefits, the most important being the health of our environment and home to wildlife.

Urban trees reduce temperatures by providing shade to buildings and reducing the need for electrically operated air conditioners, thus providing much needed energy savings. In fact, a healthy urban forest can go so far as to reduce ambient air temperatures within entire neighbourhoods by several degrees.

Trees also help to remove or reduce dust and other pollutants from the air, pollutants that can trigger asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

According to the Canadian Medical Association, 18 trees are all that is needed to produce enough oxygen to support the breathing of 10 people for a year. One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen.

Tree roots absorb and store rainwater that, in turn, helps to hold soil in place and combat erosion. Trees can also absorb chemicals and other pollutants that have entered the soil. They store harmful pollutants or alter them into less-harmful forms.

During windy and chilly seasons, trees on the windward side of a home or structure act as windbreaks. This effective windbreak can lower home heating bills up to 30 per cent.

Trees also cut down on noise pollution. Trees can muffle urban noise almost as effectively as a wall made of stone. The US Environmental Protection Agency states, “Trees can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50 per cent and mask unwanted noises with pleasant, natural sounds”.

A mature tree can have an appraised value between $1000 and $10000. 98 per cent of Realtor believe that mature trees have a strong impact on the saleability of homes.

The Trepanier Manor Development ignored all above points. All trees have been cut down on the ~ 5 acre hotel and 20 homes site. Not smart !!!


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Excessive Excavation

How to remove over 64 000 cubic meter of material from TableTop Mountain in 2 month ?

Easy, with 2 Excavators, a Stone Crusher and thousands of dump truck loads …

That generates dust, noise, vibration, pollute our air with diesel exhaust and will contribute to soil erosion.

That is excessive and NOT appropriate for an Environment Sensitive Area and within the municipality of Peachland … IT IS unjustifiable destruction !!

Trepanier Manor Development Earth Removal

A New Gravel Pit ??

Mentioned before, the excavators and trucks remove more than 64000 cubic meter of material from TableTop Mountain. Where is it placed ??

At the entrance area of the property near MacKinnon Road. A high and very large mountain of crushed material has been created !!!

The foolish thing is: They have to move this huge pile again !!! That means AGAIN hundreds of hours of heavy machines work and trips by trucks. More dust, noise, vibration and air pollution.

Most of the Peachland residents have voted against a gravel pit around Princeton road. The gravel pit operator wanted to remove up to 100,000 cubic meter in 5 years. Trepanier Manor removed this amount in 2 month !!!!

Excessive Excavation

Is TM doing an excessive excavation ?? Judge for yourself.

Between the existing grade and proposed grade, 6 to 9 meter will be removed !!
The TableTop area is approx. 10000 square meter.
They removed 64000 cubic meter !!! (See May 12th Post)
(more with the add. excavation for the road and rest of homes)

It is equal the size of a Football Field covered with dirt 30 feet high !!

Hundreds of hours of heavy machines work and hundreds of trips by large trucks to bring the material to the front and back. That generates dust, noise, vibration, pollute our air with diesel exhaust and will contribute to soil erosion.

That is excessive and NOT appropriate for an Environment Sensitive Area and within the municipality of Peachland!!


The above photo is an old calculation – see Post May 12th for the new data …

Excessive Tree Cutting

Excessive Tree Cutting – Clear Cut – on Table Top Mountain.

Old and healthy Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine (NO Pine Beetle Infestation)