No Privacy

Since June 2009, the Trepanier Manor Development has now dozens of signs “Warning, Surveillance Cameras in Operation”

Home buyers, hotel guests, visitors and employees …. it seems you have NO PRIVACY

Certain provinces, namely, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland have “privacy acts” against surveillance cameras in public places !!!


Damage to Law Creek within Riparian Area

The damage done to Law Creek and the Riparian Area is very sad.

Extensive tree and vegetation removal plus the fire damage (they burned wood and branches on large piles on several places) have contributed to the devastating appearance – and all this within the ‘protected’ Riparian Area !!!

Ministry of Environment argues that there is no impact to water courses.  Ash and debris could be flushed into Trepanier Creek, a Fish Bearing Stream and a main drinking water source of Peachland.





Before and After …

Before and After photos show the destruction done to the 25 acre Table Top property.

The landscape and nature is adjusted to the development plans.

A much more environment friendly and sustainable approach would have been … to adjust the development plan and work with the existing landscape plus incorporate the homes and hotel into the natural setting !!

tabletop_destruction1 tabletop_destruction2 tm_destruction3

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Heavy Equipment – Why ??

Heavy Equipment – 3 Excavators, Dump Trucks, Loaders and a Stone Crusher.

Why is heavy equipment like this necessary – see the post from February 23rd …


The Concerned Citizens Coalition is an committee of concerned British Columbians who care deeply about the future of Peachland and the Environment. The coalition has initiated this website as a public service to inform British Columbians of what is actually happening around this Development.

This Blog is about the controversial Development Trepanier Manor now called Tabletop Mountain Resort in Peachland, BC: A Five Four Three Two One Star Hotel and twenty English country homes on a twenty-five acre mountaintop property in a rural area in Peachland.