Before and After Photos UPDATE

Before and After photos show the destruction done to the 25 acre Table Top property.
Now almost a year later !!!

The landscape and nature is adjusted to the development plans.

A much more environment friendly and sustainable approach would have been … to adjust the development plan and work with the existing landscape plus incorporate the homes and hotel into the natural setting !!

This is a irreparable damage to our nature and our environment !!!




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2 Replies to “Before and After Photos UPDATE”

  1. We really don’t have much control over what people do on private land, but crown land should be protected. The public is always led to believe by the Ministry of Forests our crown land is managed and protected by them. Reality is they turn a blind eye at this blatant and others complete disregard for the law. The average person would be prosecuted to the highest degree if they logged out of bounds as was done here, however big business, big money and big licencees get away with this everyday of the year with minor slaps on the wrist or nothing at all.

  2. I can’t help but boil about this development. Always the same, more and more live in houses in subdivisions that were once forested.

    I visited the TM site last week out of curiousity. I don’t know who is the developer but this is a special nasty one. And if construction starts I can imagine there will be dust and noise from the construction and construction traffic.

    I recognized that trees don’t grow to the sky, so I support selective logging (the removal of a proportion of standing trees based on specified limits of minimum tree size and/or minimum large trees that must remain) but what TM did is clear cutting of the worst.

    This area was precious, irreplaceable and a once pristine delicate environment.

    There are over 6 billion people on this rock with more coming every day. We can not continue to destroy our environment, create gravel pits and cut trees without consequences.

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