A lot of positive response

Because of the Newspaper article from Editor Steve MacNaull  from August 22nd, 2009 we got a lot of positive response and comments by phone and email.

Here are some comments we got …

As a Peachland taxpayer I am horrified about this development that will only detract from Peachland

One should not allow unchecked growth if the roads don’t have the capacity to handle the increased traffic or our limited fresh water resources. But our planners and politicians are too busy cramming as many people into this valley as possible.

Trepanier doesn’t have the water supply for this monstrosity

Stop the mountain tops, ridges, eyeline views and wonderful scenery from being ruined by greed and desire for profit

A huge hotel to be built in the woods. Where is all the water coming from? I’m a 33 year resident of Peachland and I CARE!

I have seen what over-development has done here in the US. It has turned beautiful countryside into condo buildings and streets with traffic and noise for miles, and for nothing but shopping and eating. Some things are better left to be enjoyed the way they are

The message to developers should be: “Our quality of life is not for sale!

Once nature is destroyed it will never come back.

The development is monstrous, and will destroy our rural lifestyle, harm the eco-system, waste water and overload our roads

It is travesty to use land in a way like this. We do not need this many resorts. We all know that these developments are about making money for a few not about building healthy communities which are a joy to all their residents. Protect at least some degree these invaluable places

In my opinion it has destroyed delicate relationship between residents, wildlife and the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings on Table Top Mountain

It is the unwanted over-development and overpopulation that is forcing our beautiful wildlife out of their territory

Scars on the hill sides, visible for hundreds of years.

Especially the front and the very narrow middle section of Table-Top Mountain appear completely unsuitable for any development of this magnitude. It wrecked the local ecological environment and open the door for significant soil erosion now and in the future

Your blog site is very much appreciated

We fight the clear-cutting here in NS. Please preserve the beautiful environment in the Okanagan.

Thanks for all your support