Beware of smooth talking developers

Peachland View Newspaper Article from July 31st, 2009

Beautiful Peachland.

You have a jewel here in Peachland. Don’t lose it for a few fast bucks.

A little bit of heaven on earth, but alas, along came the developers. Oh, here’s a nice place; let’s change it.

We will do this and we’ll do that, we’ll put in “high-end” hotels, million dollar cottages, blah blah blah.

I have just come from a presentation put on at our lovely pavilion and now find out the developer wants to change our waterfront.

High-end moorage for big fancy boats, symphony concerts in the park … when has any symphony come to Peachland to put on a free concert?

Not since the pavilion was built, that’s for sure. As one gets older, you have to have a place to retreat.

Beware Peachlanders of smooth talking developers.

Joan Robinson, Peachland

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