Cutting trees OUTSIDE the Trepanier Manor property

The Concerned Citizens Coalition is shocked about the cutting of trees OUTSIDE the Trepanier Manor property.

The contractor has cut down healthy and large Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine trees starting May 25th. The trees are NOT located on the Trepanier Manor property, they are within the District of Peachland Boundary on Crown Land. Branches and log pieces have been loaded on a large trailer and they were immediately removed – as if they want to hide the evidence.

More than 100 trees were red tape marked and have been cut  OUTSIDE the Trepanier Manor property!!!
It is not for fire protection – they are located close to several planned homes and the west side of the hotel should be build – it is just for the view.
If they have concerns against fire – why was it allowed to build so close to the property line (ZERO meter set back on the west side of the property). And they are not Pine Beetle invested (see photos).

Enough is enough. The Trepanier Manor Development has already done an irreparable and unjustifiable damage.

Almost 100 trees have now been removed OUTSIDE the Trepanier Manor Property !!

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  1. It’s shame, how stupid are these people, we’ll get landslides, a new ravine will occur and the erosion will continue. Don’t trust developers, they never learn from mistakes.

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