Excessive Excavation

How to remove over 64 000 cubic meter of material from TableTop Mountain in 2 month ?

Easy, with 2 Excavators, a Stone Crusher and thousands of dump truck loads …

That generates dust, noise, vibration, pollute our air with diesel exhaust and will contribute to soil erosion.

That is excessive and NOT appropriate for an Environment Sensitive Area and within the municipality of Peachland … IT IS unjustifiable destruction !!

Trepanier Manor Development Earth Removal

Damage to Law Creek within Riparian Area

The damage done to Law Creek and the Riparian Area is very sad.

Extensive tree and vegetation removal plus the fire damage (they burned wood and branches on large piles on several places) have contributed to the devastating appearance – and all this within the ‘protected’ Riparian Area !!!

Ministry of Environment argues that there is no impact to water courses.  Ash and debris could be flushed into Trepanier Creek, a Fish Bearing Stream and a main drinking water source of Peachland.