Trepanier Manor Development – Tabletop Mountain Resort

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Excessive Excavation

Is TM doing an excessive excavation ?? Judge for yourself.

Between the existing grade and proposed grade, 6 to 9 meter will be removed !!
The TableTop area is approx. 10000 square meter.
They removed 64000 cubic meter !!! (See May 12th Post)
(more with the add. excavation for the road and rest of homes)

It is equal the size of a Football Field covered with dirt 30 feet high !!

Hundreds of hours of heavy machines work and hundreds of trips by large trucks to bring the material to the front and back. That generates dust, noise, vibration, pollute our air with diesel exhaust and will contribute to soil erosion.

That is excessive and NOT appropriate for an Environment Sensitive Area and within the municipality of Peachland!!


The above photo is an old calculation – see Post May 12th for the new data …

Heavy Equipment – Why ??

Heavy Equipment – 3 Excavators, Dump Trucks, Loaders and a Stone Crusher.

Why is heavy equipment like this necessary – see the post from February 23rd …

Last Tree on TableTop Mountain

Today was a Sad Day.

The Last Tree on TableTop Mountain has been removed with an Excavator on February 1st, 2009